Accessories and technical data

Weight: 3250 g. (weight may vary as a result of component tolerances)
Safety: Silenced, reversible, ambidextrous transverse with red ready to shoot signal
Deviation: Variable right or left hand stock
Comfort stock drop adjustment: drop at comb adjustable from 43 to 41/44.5/46; drop at heel adjustable from 57 to 52/62/66
Montecarlo stock drop adjustment: drop at comb adjustable from 42.5 to 39/41/44/46; drop at heel adjustable from 58 to 48/53/63/68
Interchangeable recoil pads for Comfort stock: short (344) - medium (354)* - long (364)
Interchangeable recoil pads for Montecarlo stock: short (346) - medium (354)* - long (364)

Removable 4-round prismatic loader for 7x64 gauge
Removable 5-round prismatic loader for 300 W.M. gauge
Removable 10-round prismatic loader for 30.06 spring gauge - 308 W - 7x64
Scope mounting rail
Front sight guard
Carbon fibre rib kit
Rear sight kit

*Standard retail configuration
** Measurements taken with rear sight adjusted to mid-range

Interchangeable recoil pads
Interchangeable recoil pads
Interchangeable combs
Drop adjustment kit
Stock ring kit
Rear sight